The Trigger Finger Divot 2

The Trigger Finger Divot

This is a refinement that doesn’t get fitted to  a lot of our shillelaghs – the trigger finger divot.

It’s a little extra curve in the stave that helps your index finger find its natural groove under the head of the stave. In this way it’s kind of odd. You’d think having an extra “bit” there could only make for a less comfortable hold but somehow the effect of guiding your finger into place feels more comfortable – your hand just wants to rest it there.

Far as we know its not historical – it seems to have been something we’ve invented – but it does seem that every time we say that a picture turns up with whatever it was we think we just invented on a staff from the 1850’s.

It doesn’t get implemented all that much in the workshop, it needs an un-barked shaft with  a good bit extra under the head. The picture you see is from one of the Gaffers “practice” staves that lives in the back of his wagon.

That said, with the shop producing a few more blacked staves there may be room to add it on more and more – as another distinctive “Claymore” touch.


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