“The best, the most exquisite, automobile is a walking stick; and one of the finest things in life is going on a journey with it.”

-Charles Lamb

About Claymore Shillelaghs

Claymore Shilleaghs started as a workshop dedicated to exploring the traditional Irish, Scots and English stickfighting and peasant-weapon traditions. We love to make traditional shillelagh according to all the traditional styles, and to explore new styles and materials our ancestors never imagined!

Along that journey we experienced what Charles Lamb was talking about when he wrote of his love of walking sticks.

The act of Walking can be part meditation (without the need to "concentrate"), part exercise (without the risk of injury), and part social salon (where all that’s needed is two friends and a place to peramble).

In the old days people believed a stick made a walk more enjoyable, but no one could put their finger on why. Modern neuroscience teaches us that a walk with a stick activates a 30% larger area of the brain than a walk without - more deeply immersing you in your surroundings, freeing your creativity, and cutting a dashing figure besides.

Our sticks are real, wild harvested wooden staves, finished with hand tools.

Many of them bear the marks of trees growing wild; lashed by storms, animal damage and the vicissitudes of the natural environment. Our one departure from tradition is rather than hide these “imperfections” under a thick layer of blacking, we prefer to let our staves show their scars and tell their stories naturally.

We think this makes them more beautiful not less, and we hope you agree!

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