The All-Terrain Stick 1

The All-Terrain Stick

By Mike | July 11, 2020

Shillelaghs tend to attract walkers. In the UK “walker” can mean anything from enthusiastic fitness types, to history-loving urban flaneurs, to rugged “six months worth of gear in a frame pack” types (known elsewhere in the world as “backwoodsmen”). But is there a shillelagh that could meet the needs of all those types, people who …

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Paired Shillelagh 3

Paired Shillelagh

By Mike | June 27, 2020

We were asked this week by a good friend and “fellow traveller” in the martial arts about the use of paired shillelagh in stickfighting, whether shillelagh were ever used in a manner similar to paired escrima sticks. Now, “ever” is a long time and no doubt in some valley somewhere, someone’s great grandfather was known …

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Dungeons and Shillelaghs 4

Dungeons and Shillelaghs

By Mike | May 20, 2020

One of our most common emails is from  Dungeons and Dragons players asking about the history of Shillelagh. It turns out the game has had a druid spell called “Shillelagh” in its rules for almost 40 years. In the game the spell enables the player to take an ordinary club or quarterstaff (early editions required an …

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A Blackberry Knob 5

A Blackberry Knob

By Mike | February 7, 2020

A local brought us an interesting project the other day. Evidently there have been some floods up in the valley and they’ve scoured out some blackberry on the banks upstream. Among the debris that came down was this nicely dried blackberry stick with a huge root ball attached. Root ball staves make for a good …

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How many sticks are enough? The tradition of the two oaks. 6

How many sticks are enough? The tradition of the two oaks.

By Mike | January 18, 2020

Judging by our collections a sensible man would need to own at least forty sticks before he seriously felt ready to face the world, but we might be extreme cases. We talk a lot here about different shillelagh having different roles, and a man (or woman) might have a longer rambling stick for the countryside, …

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Quality Control 8

Quality Control

By Mike | January 5, 2020

Quality control can be a harsh mistress. Someone asked do we ever foul up making a shillelagh ? Actually given the type of fellows typically interested in Peasant Weapon culture “foul up” isn’t quite how they phrased it. Suffice it, the answer is yes, from time to time a stave that looked so good out …

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