Harvesting Acacia For Shillelaghs 2

Harvesting Acacia For Shillelaghs

For our products, whether they be shillelaghs, cudgels or kippens we use Acacia wood for a few reasons, among them it’s strong, lightweight and handsome , but primarily is in our part of the world it escaped from old ornamental plantings about a hundred years ago and now grows like a weed.The local Council has made them illegal to plant and any owner with them on his land by law has to cut them down.

For this reason at least once a week I’ll see a thicket that I absolutely have to harvest, by the road, in a farmers field, in a vacant lot, and leap out to go cut off any good looking staves.

Correct safety gear for a harvest is gloves, eye protection (a stick in the eye will do you no end of mischief) and … a high vis.

The hi vis serves a few purposes but mostly it seems you get far fewer busybodies asking what you’re doing if you’re in high vis. They say the grafiti artist Banksy used to just wear a high vis and if anyone challenged him he’d grouse for ten minutes about how Council weren’t paying him overtime and people would leave him alone.

Something about bright orange that makes a man seem trustworthy I guess.

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