Paintbrushes, and Buying Nice 2

Paintbrushes, and Buying Nice

I was in  a hurry getting some workshop time in this week, and stopped by the store for some paint brushes for laquering some staves. For laquer brushes I like narrow , 1-2 inch face and plenty of body behind the brush (lots of brush gives you long smooth, even distributions of laquer rather than having to load the brush up like sugar heaped on a spoon).

However in the midst of that hurry I walked past the display of paintbrushes and just grabbed the cheapest brush on the shelf…I know, but I’m from a frugal people…

…So you know how this ends. To my shock and horror when I got to the workshop it turned out the cheapest brush was (totally unexpectedly, in a way no one could have predicted)  thin and scraggly when wet, with no body to hold laquer on the bristles and produced a streaky potato-furrow mess that will have to be sanded and re-done the day after tomorrow (since sanding wet laquer is pointless).

Buy nice, as the Americans say… or buy twice.

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