27 Inch Fighting cudgel


The Fighting Cudgel is a unique addition to any weapon collector’s display.

This hefty cudgel lived over the mantelpeice and represented a householders commitment to protect those under his roof.
Not that our ancestors thought that hard about it, to them this style of cudgel was simply a large, solid stave that lived over the mantlepeice in case things went bump in the night and Da’ had to go out and make them go “bump” again.

Whilst these seem purely “warlike” in their use, some stickfighters (especially taller fellows) would take these as fair fighting staves. Whilst to the uninitiated this might seem crazy (why would you sacrifice the extra length a longer stave gives you?) a skilled stickfighter knows that once the first strike is blocked, the battle goes to he who can get the second strike in fastest.

This combination of a hefty stave and moderate length provides just enough shaft to get the maximum speed and power from a one handed shilleagh (whilst still allowing much more agility in close quarters).

Note this is a thick stave , more than 3″ around , so will suit a larger ruffian (rather than one with our Gaffer’s small, delicate hands).

Perfect for the collector, historian , or anyone who occasionally has to investigate strange noises in he middle of the night.

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