37 Inch Lead-Weighted Fair-Fighting Shillelagh


This is a beautiful all around Shillelagh for a man 5-5’6″, (or a cudgel for a taller martial artist.


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This is a beautiful all around Shillelagh for a man 5-5’6″, (or a cudgel for a taller martial artist). Historically thicker staves tended to be “fair fighting” shillelagh, hard-working utility pieces for long Fair fights (where the town would gather to fight the neighbouring town at the fair, in the same way we’d play rugby against a local team today).

However this staff shows why we love Acacia wood so much, this thick shillelagh is still super light, you’ll barely notice it in the hand.

You’ll note a very distinctive style on this shillelagh. We’ve put most of the mass for this stave forward of the hand grip, this makes it a beautifully easy and comfortable shillelagh to carry, showing the colour and grain of the wood and creating a large smooth palm rest for those all important hours spent leaning on one’s cane, talking and admiring the view.

How it looks

The wood of this shillelagh has only lightly weathered – a tree that grew fast in a well-lit spot. The surface is free from too many bumps and extrusions, and we’ve had to take no laterals off. The bark shows rich complex brown tones with reds coming through underneath.

The back of the head is smooth and clean with a little spalting on the front face.

Finished in bright varnish and shoed with a brass ferrule.

How it Walks

She’ll suit a shorter gentleman as a walking stick, the “Claymore” style head means she carries like a cane, and can be lifted with the index and middle fingers on the loft. This stick will carry effortlessly over the miles.

The thick head on this style also means that even this very “cudgel-y” shillelagh still won’t look out of place as a walking stick even in city precincts.

How it Fights

The short, light, fast shillelagh would be a fair-fighter’s best friend, capable of responding to any chaos that comes her way quickly and deftly, she’ll defend her owner like a fierce Irish Wolfhound.

Swift enough for fencing styles, thick enough for those distasteful CQC/baton techniques (if you really must stoop to such gaucheness).
The head is solid but unweighted, but with her good thick shaft you’ll feel confident letting swing with everything if some hurling is called for.

The distinctive “Claymore” hilt offers protection for the hand against unscrupulous wrist or hand-bone attacks.

Dimensions -37 in x ~3 1/4 in
Scars – Beautifully clean surface, only one blaze (~20mm a handsbreadth down the shaft)
Curvature – Slightly “Cobra-headed” handle join is 3-4 in back from the shaft main axis.

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