41 In Weighted Savate Cane


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Canes add a singularly gentlemanly touch to any outfit, and we understand. There are places in this modern world where carrying a Shillelagh might be just that bit too rustic.
For this reason we occasionally produce shillelagh more in the model of a cane.

How it looks

The bark on this shillelagh is smooth, dark and clean with rich browns coming through for interest and texture.

This shillelagh has a weathered and complex head for a nice “antiquey” feel  (we’ve reinforced a line of spalting in the head which gives an eerie “Eye of Sauron” sort of effect) with a slender, simple straight shaft .

Being from a younger tree there are a few badger bites in the once-supple bark , so the overall effect is of a staff for a man who’s heart lies with hefty irish war clubs, but who’s habits force him to carry a savateurs cane.

Finished with a brass ferrule.

How it walks

Smooth and lightweight it will make for effortless carrying, the rounded head requires some palm grip which will help to draw you into your walk (palm grips require a little more dynamic tension to carry so we find tend to make for more immersive walking sticks).

How it fights

Lighting fast but still strong this shillelagh will make a fine cane for the fencer or savateur. Solid rather than “whippy” she’s well capable of handling defensive or offensive tasks with ease. Weighting is very subtle, just a few grains in the head so that when your neighbor asks if your shillelagh is weighted like they were  in the old days, you can nod and neither confirm nor deny it.


Dimensions – 41 in x 2 1/2

Scars– 6 small “badger bites” (scuffs) down its length either animal or storm damage shortly before harvest.

Curvature- Ramrod Straight

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