43 in weighted New England Shillelagh


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This stave follows the New England shillelagh style, with the head being somewhere between the wooden bulb of an Irish shillelagh and somewhere between the head of a cane. New England shillelagh are traditionally carried between the middle and ring fingers, but can also be lofted “cane style”. It is weighted with a little lead shot for balance which should be all-but imperceptible to the user.

This is an example of a duelling style shillelagh. “Duelling” shillelagh tend to be thin, light and lively, allowing skilled stickfighters to use the full range of their skills, often in a style resembling fencing rather than cudgel fighting. Duels were often resolved either by the first blood, or the first disarm, and duelling shillelagh reflect the need for speed, agility and balance. The slimmer shape mean that these shillelagh often look (to modern eyes) like conventional walking sticks and attract little attention from passersby.

Duelling Shillelagh make fine, sturdy walking sticks in that they are both lightweight enough to be unobtrusive, but hand-filling enough to engage the hind brain and draw you into your walk.

The bark on this stave looks like she should be from a hundred year old oak, shaggy complex and dark, with rich reds coming through underneath.

Finished with a bright brass ferrule.

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