34 in Blacked, Antique brass-headed walking stick


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Yes, we know, this isn’t a shillelagh.

Someone gave the gaffer an antique brass-headed walking stick that had been broken in two…The staff was ruined but it seemed such a shame to throw away the beautiful handle. We tried re-shafting it on one of our training dowels, but then it just looked like a new walking stick.

So instead we’ve reshafted it on a nice organic-y crooked-y 34 inch blacked acacia shaft.  She makes a beautiful walking stick and the hefty metal head has plenty of weight, should you find yourself beset by ruffians (well, other ruffians).

This staff is beautifully light and fast, in contrast with its heavy, metal head. The contrast of the heavy handle and almost weightless-seeming staff mean you’ll be whipping her across in practice sabre-cuts the moment you think no one is looking , and we don’t blame you. Cane style shillelaghs were often adapted to singlestick, fencing or “bartitsu” styles of combat and so were designed to retain enough strength and leverage for those purposes. To our modern eye cane style shillelagh are elegant, “gentlemanly” and will seldom be mistaken for weapons by any other than a practiced eye.

Canes naturally are fine adornments to a stroll, improving balance and endurance, and cutting a dashing figure besides.

Finished with a bright brass ferrule.


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