34 In Blacked Mid Century Shillelagh


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This is an example of a late 18th century style shillelagh. By this time Shillelagh had become wildly fashionable, and designs had come increasingly to resemble canes such as could be worn with a Saville Row suit rather than a pair of poachers breeks. Cane style shillelaghs were often adapted to singlestick, fencing or “bartitsu” styles of combat and so were designed to retain enough strength and leverage for those purposes. To our modern eye cane style shillelagh are elegant, “gentlemanly” and will seldom be mistaken for weapons by any other than a practiced eye.

Canes naturally are fine adornments to a stroll, improving balance and endurance, and cutting a dashing figure besides.

This shillelagh has a small, unweighted head, typical of shillelagh from the late 1800’s or early 1900s, usually denoting a more skilled duellist or stickfighter. This small head means the stave is easily lifted in the ring grip (between thumb and pointer finger) making for a smooth, easy carry, or gripped comfortably in a top-down grip over the head.

The surface is sealed in dark glossy ash-gray, reminiscent of shillelagh traditionally conditioned in the flue of a chimney.

Finished with a bright brass ferrule.

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