48 in Blacked, Weighted, Acacia Rambling Staff / Shepherd’s shillelagh.


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This is a shillelagh for the outdoorsman. A stick that reaches from hip pocket to ground is fine for walking on cobbled streets, but traversing rough terrain often requires one to balance against surfaces that might be far away or oddly-positioned. For this reason rambling shillelgh ttend to be much longer than their urban cousins.

This shillelagh has a distinctive “claymore” style  head. This style was rare historically but is beloved by the Claymore Shillelagh workshop. In good times it allows the shillelagh to be carried like a gentleman’s cane whilst still conforming to the classical shillelagh aesthetic. In times of tribulation the forward-projecting head acts as a guard against strikes to the hand which were so often a mainstay of duelling style disarms, and allows for leveraged “bayonet” style thrusts to the solar plexus of even the most determined ruffian. It is weighted with a little lead shot for balance which should be all-but imperceptible to the user.

We’ve plugged over the lead well in the head with a distinctive wood pattern – partly as a conversation piece and partly in accordance with gentlemanly tradition, proving that as a fair minded sportsman you’d never consider sneaking this stave into a duel or a fair fight.


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