15 in Weighted Highland Rabbit stick / Ghillie Stick w “Moonlight” sliver


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Poaching these days is a crime, and an act of environmental vandalism besides, but way back when, poaching often represented a way for poor folk to feed themselves (often using a resource that rich people needed only for recreation). Rabbit sticks are common in many cultures, and the highland version was a way to have a swift, silent poaching weapon that could be concealed on the body and disposed of in a twinkling.

Tucked into the belt a Rabbit Stick it meant a hapless rabbit or pheasant encountered on a walk could quickly be turned into meat for the pot.

It’s thought that it’s larger cousin the “Ghillie Stick” came about for similar reasons – many ghillies were allowed hunting rights for small game on the estates they served, but of course could never fire a shotgun or rifle for fear of spooking the big game their masters were there to hunt. Hence the need for (like poachers) a quiet weapon that could take small game for the pot without spoiling the rest of the hillside for the shooting party.  Ghillie sticks tended to be heavier because there was no need to conceal their presence on the body, and also because roustabout ghillie types tended to like carrying something solid in case they had to run poachers off.

This rabbit stick has an additional sliver of moonlight resin, to make it that much easier to recover – an example of something our ancestors didn’t do but we feel they certainly would have if the technology had been around.

How it looks

This short cudgel has a nicely spalted “antique-y” head and smooth rich bark.

The moonlight resin blends nicely in daylight but lights up well in low light conditions.

How it hunts 

Check your local jurisdiction. This is a heavily weighted throwing stick capable of bringing down rabbit or pheasant-sized game.

It’ll also serve well as a Priest for fish or lowland game.

How it Carries

Slim and straight it tucks away discreetly, at 15 inches it will fit nicely in a creel or backpack.

Dimensions 12 x 2 1/4 in
Curvature Nil

Scars Nil

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