Hardwood Highland Rabbit stick (Hare/Pheasant)


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This is an example of a highland rabbit stick.

Poaching these days is a crime and an act of environmental vandalism besides, but “way back when”, poaching often represented a way for poor folk to feed themselves (often using a resource that rich people needed only for recreation).

Rabbit sticks are common in many cultures, and the highland version was a way to have a swift, silent poaching weapon that could be concealed on the body and disposed of in a twinkling. Tucked into the belt it meant a hapless rabbit or pheasant encountered on a walk could quickly be turned into meat for the pot.

This example could be either a conversation piece for display (especially if paired with Australian or Native American throwing sticks), or a small game weapon for the traditional hunter.

Note- please check your local jurisdiction before hunting.

This is a heavy, close-range throwing stick – ideal for rabbits or pheasant. As you can see the gaffer’s taken this one out for a run himself.

It’ll also serve well as a Priest for lowland game or fish (but may be overkill unless you’re euthanising full-grown alligators).

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